avant-garden lab.


avant-garden lab.

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Master of synesthesia, Oliver

Vanguardia, back to the roots, excessive market saturation, disruptive olfactive artworks enrich your life, not just perfumes, 

Mutant Flowers

A collection of mutant floral specimens extracted from botanical gardens, experiment, cross, DNA modification. 

Merged Dualities

Distilled from the well known Illustrated Series collection (Oliver & Co.), Merged Dualites explores "facets, sides, ingredients, collision"
Botany Collisions

Nebulae Series

Olfactive inspiration: nebula photographs, outer space and synesthesia (vision to smell). How to translate the atmosphere of a nebula in a fragrance? Through a synesthetic process, Oliver immersed himself in his laboratory, exploring a wide palette of raw materials to link the colors and texture of each nebula into olfactive notes: fiery red -> saffron and red champaca, electric blue -> metallic notes, white -> aldehydes and anise, to name a few.

Non-Smell Flowers

Bringing smell to silent flowers.

Fetish Objects

Fragrance Oil Burner