Laboratory of synesthesia and olfactory art

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In research for unusual perfumes to enrich people's lives.

Oliver Valverde is the founder, perfume designer and creative director of avant-garden lab. (known as Oliver & Co. before the rebranding which has been launched in July 2020).

In 2019 Oliver also founded Olfatorium, an independent institute of perfumery and olfactory art, where he teaches perfumery for beginners. He is well renowned for his unique creative artistic approach, specially about synesthesia (vision to smell).

Independent fragrance designer Oliver Valverde is known as an outsider in the perfumery world. Since he was a child he has been fascinated with scientific laboratories and nature.

From an early age he learnt to appreciate raw beautiful materials in their purest form. His father was a marble carver. Born in Andalusia, Spain, Oliver grew up visiting his workshop, learning the ability to transform natural elements.

At the age of 28, after moving to Madrid, he started to blend botanical essences and aroma- molecules as a hobby. In a blink of an eye, he realised that he was discovering something unknown yet familiar at the same time. It was a crucial revelation for his life.

Despite his lack of formal training in the perfumery field and not imposing himself any creative limits, Oliver started to experiment with both natural and synthetic elements, combined with innovative, creative concepts to transform them into a new feature: unconventional fragrances that transcend time and trends.

Through this creative mindset, into his creations, Oliver translates his vision of perfumery today: always breaking the codes from an olfactive to a visual point of view. Scents are astonishing, designs and graphics remain unique. There is no gender limits.

A whole art portfolio for people expecting a brand to go beyond the standards of perfumery offering.