Laboratory of synesthesia and olfactory art

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In research for unusual perfumes to enrich people's lives.

“Without deviation from the norm progress is not possible.”
– Frank Zappa

We think we are one of the very few avant-garde brands in the world.

Here you can read more about what the avant-garde movement. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avant-garde

For avant-garden lab. perfumery is an art, and as such it must deviate from the norm as much as possible, lack of reinvention breeds conformity, and we never want to conform. We think our unwillingness to “do what’s expected” in any area of the fragrance industry is the exact reason we are an avant-garde brand.

As of 21st March 2018, avant-garden lab. (before Oliver & Co.) is sold exclusively through our online store.

A list of new stockists will be announce in September 2023

To rebel.

To thrill.

To disturb your emotions.

To feed your brain. 

To enrich your life.

All our fragrances are genderless. In ancient times perfumers just focused on creating new and thrilling scents, there was no thought on gender. We create fragrances with the same mindset, our fragrances are for people, just people, no matter the gender.


Market research limits freedom and lacks originality. We concentrate on 100% creative freedom, we want to explore new territories, we want to offer something new. Following any market research would only contaminate that process. That’s why our fragrances doesn’t resemble to any other in the market. 

In our opinion this is what curious consumers and fragrance lovers deserve it.

We source raw materials from all over the world. 

All of our fragrances are handmade in Spain.

Of Course!. With our high quality ingredients, each of our fragrances are formulated to last on your skin throughout the day. The duration will vary depending on individual customers skin and the fragrance itself.

The average life span of one of our scents after application is about 6-8 hours.

We choose our ingredients based solely on the emotions they evoke, we never choose ingredients based on cost. If we want to put tuberose in a formula, we put pure tuberose absolute in it! We don’t look for a cheap reconstitution. We do sometimes push the limits of our natural products with more out of the box, unexpected, high quality man made molecules, but this is only ever to enhance. As we mentioned before we will never replace a natural product with a cheaper synthetic alternative.

We use both types of ingredients so that we are able to really push the boundaries of what is possible, we love to test “limits”. However we blend these formulas masterfully, like a painter would with colours, to create a scent that embodies power and goes deep to human emotions.

We don’t use animal ingredients.

It’s all about the raw materials!

Our fragrances are works of art rather than the more ordinary or technically ¨well constructed perfumes¨For us, each fragrance is a new creation from zero. We never use a base formula and apply it to all of our scents and simple add a few different notes to create a collection. Instead each perfume has its own independent DNA.  We also never hire external laboratories to make a formula under a fixed budget, putting any restrictions on the creation process would simply damage the purity of the product.

We calculate the final price based on the ingredients, packaging, etc… While there are fixed costs involved , ingredients are often subject to change. The ingredients are they key to why our perfumes smell so different from each other, and to most of the fragrances on the market so we would never substitute an ingredient for another, meaning there is sometimes a different of price between fragrances in the same collection.

For experts in the field:

The cost per kilo of our fragrances fluctuates between € 250 and € 2.500. Yes, you heard correctly.!

The cost per kilo of most of the fragrances (both niche and mainstream) fluctuates between €40 and €250

Yes! If, after testing the matching sample included with your fragrance, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, avant-garden lab. offers full return or exchange for another fragrance. Only 1 refund/exchange per purchase.