Laboratory of synesthesia and olfactory art

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In research for unusual perfumes to enrich people's lives.

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“In 2009 I created Oliver & Co Perfumes based on a drive and ethos to create groundbreaking fragrances. I wanted to explore the new, discover the unknown, to break every rule. I wanted to offer something truly original that no one else had the balls to create! Not being a trained perfumer meant I wasn’t restricted by any pre conceived ideas of the current industry and instead I created by passion, instinct, and revolution. Choosing ingredients for their quality, creating packaging and campaigns that explore Art, to create a product that is pure and honest.” – Oliver Valverde 
It’s these exact values that we continue to follow today. 
“I think beyond the boundaries of perfumery, I believe fragrances transcend any trend.” – Oliver Valverde
We only ever create fragrances that truly embody our independent spirt and the independent spirt of those who wear them. We will never let ourselves be influenced by what’s expected or by whats considered standard, instead we will always be drawn to produce the opposite. 
“Perfumery is an art, but an art expression that seems to be increasing corrupted by the mass and niche market. I’m here to get back to the traditional art of fragrance creation, with my own avant-garde touch of course.”  – Oliver Valverde
We never set out to follow the rules, and we never will. We reject the the current wholesale distribution model and instead only sell our fragrances through our website and Madrid store. 
“Changing the way I sell means changing the way I create! I am an avant-garde perfumer first before i am a business man. If I remain truly revolutionary in every aspects of my business then the fragrances I am able to produce will only continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.” – Oliver Valverde 

Stepping away from the influences of the current retail distribution process allows us to leave behind the constraints that come with it. We’ve broken away from the restrictive world of the current fragrance industry, an industry saturated by a lack of authenticity and creativity. A market place where profits outweigh integrity and art.

Instead we own our creative freedom! We control everything, from the DNA of our perfumes, to our communication with customers, and our philosophy and mission.

We are 100% true to ourselves. This is the only way we can create fragrances and the art we believe in.

We will never stop producing the highest quality most groundbreaking scents for people who crave something authentic, radically avant-garde, and tremendously wearable.